Mar 11, 2010


You may know that I am actually on my honeymoon in Italy but I didn't want to neglect this page so here are the food photography for of actual food served at the restaurant:

Brazilian Chicken Grill Brazilian Meatballs Pork Burger Coxinha Chicken Sandwich Rice Pudding Pastel Portugese

You may not know that most food photography are not of the actual food served at the restaurant. It usually involves substitute food special effect props that emulate food because certain most food items change, melt, or deterioriate under hot lights during the photography session.

For this client it was very important to show the actual food served to the customers. WoodSpoon is about real food, no gimicks. This meant I had between 5 to 10 mins to photograph each item which is no small task. Usually it can take over 30 mins to get that perfect photograph but of course the salad, which wilts quick, would need to be replaced a few time during that period.

I am very happy with the photos. The website design was created around the food photography because that is the selling point. I wanted the viewer's senses to be tantalized/seduced by the photos and in my opinon the photos achieve that. Are you salivating yet?

Originally I Intended this section to show case children and pet photography however, I am commissioned for other subjects which I am happy to accommodate.

Feb 8, 2010


It's been almost 6 months since I took photos of Lil Lily and she has grown. She even jokes with me.

Feb 1, 2010


Babies grow up fast and that is why it is important to take photos every few months. She is 6 months old and wants everyone to know how much of a heart breaker she is. Her parents wanted to create a personal greeting card for their family and friends.

This is the INVITATION, ANNOUNCEMENT OR GREETING CARD photo session and for more information go to Rate page.

Here is an extra photo from the photo session

Jan 17, 2010


Guanciale and Lardo are two boy guinea pigs that are 3 months and 2 months. Their names are borrowed from Italian pork cured meats. These are the smallest critters I have taken photos of so far and each fit on the palm of one hand.

Guanciale is the adventurous punk rocker with a black beak sporting his faux hawk who perfected his disapproving look. Lardo is the tan and white sweet one who loves to cuddle and lean on you.

Dec 25, 2009


Pair of cousins (girl and boy) are 3 weeks apart. She is exactly 5 months today and she is enjoying her first Xmas.

Oct 31, 2009


It is the first time i attended the Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade and it was all about the bulldogs. Maybe it is because of the Bulldog Kissing Booth but theses dogs were dressed up in their best haute couture.

I usually spend over an hour per dog but in this case, I spent about a minute per model.

The photo below best summarizes how much fun they were having.

I found this dog to be the most charismatic of the bunch.

view adult humor photo

Sep 29, 2009


Mari Okumura inquired about beauty headshots for her website, to showcase her natural looking beauty makeup.

The model is visiting from out of town and she wanted portraits that captured the spirit of Los Angeles in her perspective. USA is plastered with posters and she wanted to pose next to them.

To see larger images, click on the photo, you can see how natural the makeup looks.

Some photos are homage to Madonna who's album CELEBRATION drops today.

Sep 13, 2009


We were commissioned to capture 4 year old fraternal twins, boy and girl, at their home in Redondo Beach, CA. We spend a few hours with the family while they went about their normal active Sunday. Everyday moments like playing with their oversized stuffed animal, eating pizza, making faces, and brushing their teeth were photographed.

We respect parents' right to privacy of their children and as requested we will not post the photos at this time. Take our word, the parents were thrilled with the candid photos.

Sep 11, 2009


Her gorgeous and delicate side shines through here. Look at her eyes sparkle.

Sep 9, 2009


JoyJoy is very shy of new people. Her godmother uses the term "squirrely" to describe her. She likes to run away but I figure out how not to startle her. Hiding behind a leaf is very JoyJoy thing to do.

I sent this photo as a 11x14 print to Saddleback Church, Mission Viejo, CA to be auctioned at a dinner next month to raise funds for a 2010 trip to Rwanda to teach children in Africa about God.

Glad we can help.

Sep 7, 2009


This Labor Day meant family BBQ and there was Chiringas (translates to "Troublemaker" or "Trouble" for short) at the party. Don't be fooled by this 3.5 lbs of cuteness, she is mischievious and fast as a speeding bullet. When she feels insecure she goes under daddy's wheelchair.

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